Afrocentric Lavish Home Decor

There is nothing as magical as something that reminds you of your home no matter where you are in the world.

I may be far from home but my house Is full of little things from different cultures across my country Kenya.

Why did I decide to venture into this?

I decided to venture into this business because other than the fact that I love Afrocentric decor, I saw an opportunity to partner with Mrembo Africa, an Organization that empowers women who are all survivors of gender based Violence in the slams of Nairobi Kenya.

This project has given me an opportunity to make a real impact on women’s lives.

All the products under my Lavish by Lilly Afrocentric Home Decor project are hand made in Kenya.

I am very proud of what Mrembo Africa has accomplished and it is my pleasure to share the love with the whole world.