About Lilly Richards

A mother and successful entrepreneur in her own right, Ms Richards is the Founder and President of KWITU, ( ) the biggest and most engaged network of Kenyan women in the Diaspora.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and an MPA in Government and Policy. She has over ten years of experience in Finance, over six years in retail banking, and over four years in mortgage banking.

As part of the community in the diaspora herself, Ms. Richards has a keen understanding of the difficulties experienced by the diaspora due to a shortage of reliable facilitation, a situation worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms Richards is a philanthropist and since Sept 2020 to date, she has helped connect over 800 women living in the Diaspora to reputable companies that sell land and homes.

Personal statement: I strongly believe in the highest levels of customer service. I not only mobilize the diaspora to bring development home – I am also passionate about bringing solutions to the diaspora to allow them to stay close to their families.

Lilly Richards is also a director and CEO at Premium Errands Global

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